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New informaition of K-pole detergent

「K-pole detergent」From a laboratory Development is expected.
However, even if it makes an effort to build detergent, it may be difficult.
But an effort is made.
I want to continue to announce you the information on "K-pole detergent" at any time.

Basic knowledge from which a bottle is washed

The concept of dirt for washing a bottle

When washing a bottle, they are an ingredient in a bottle, and the structure material of a label and the ingredient of water.(They are protein, carbohydrate, oil and fats, a mineral,etc.)and(Calcium, magnesium, salte, etc.) Dirt is divided into an organic matter type and an inorganic substance type.

An alkaline or neutral detergent is effective in organic matter type dirt. An acid detergent is effective in inorganic substance type dirt.

The feature of water

When groundwater is used, many various decomposition substances are contained.

Especially the water containing much calcium magnesium salt is called hard water, and it is not usually suitable for washing.

Temperature to wash

The effect of a detergent increases by the rise of temperature. In order to improve the effect to wash, temperature of detergent liquid is made high however. However, generation of an Scale and the problem into which a glass bottle is broken at temperature arise.

The main ingredient of detergent

Alkali Chemistry substance

Sodium hydroxide
Powerful alkali Chemistry substance.There are disassembly of protein dirt, oil-and-fats dirt,and the sterilization effect.It has the strong point of reacting quickly to organic matter dirt.but A rinse is bad. Control of foaming cannot be performed and Generation of a scale Alone, it cannot be used because of the bad cause of generation of a scale.

Furthermore,there is silicic acid sodium etc,.

Surface-active agent

Shade ion side Surface-active agent
Non-ion side Surface-active agent
Positive ion side Surface-active agent
Parent water combinable with water and a thing with character combinable with oil and fats
Usually, water and oil are uncombinable.When this surface-active agent contains, there is an effect combined on the boundary of the water and oil. It dissolves into detergent liquid and the effect of removing oil from the washed thing surface is demonstrated.

Phosphoric acid sodium

ORUSO phosphoric acid salts( Phosphoric acid 3 sodium )
Phosphoric acid salts ( Sodium tripoly phosphate )

phosphoric acid salts

Phosphoric acid 3 sodium
A sediment is formed according to the power of making it precipitating in hard water, and salts are settled. Water is used as soft water.Since it is comparatively high alkalinity, it does not become the cause of the hindrance of an alkali medicine. There is an effect of generating a film to the metal side of apparatus and preventing corrosion.

Chelating agent

Guru contest acid sodium, EDTA, NTA, etc. have the effect which resembled activated carbon.A chelating agent is the general term of a compound with the capability which fixes metal ion in the structure and inactivates ion.A chelating agent does not have washing capability.It is effective in removing the factor which blocks washing.Especially in hard water, it is an ingredient important for detergent.
Phosphoric acid salts and a chelating agent are called Sequestering agent.

Defoaming agent

A washing machine is divided roughly into an injection formula and an osmosis formula. However, it foams by injection to some dirt, and it reduces injection pressure.

Since caustic soda cannot control foaming, addition of a bubble elimination agent is surely needed.

The problem by a scale generating

Salts adhere to the metal side after changing to insolubility by heat and alkali, and generate a scale. It becomes the cause of the decline in thermal conductivity, and a washing clogged nozzle by that.The saponification substance which floated by alkali washing reacts, and salts serve as insoluble metal soap, float in precipitation or solution and cause washing disturbance.
It washes with the degree of low temperature.
Washing efficiency becomes bad although it becomes scale adhesion preventive measures.